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From the United States to Germany, Canada and Korea, giving thanks is an international tradition.


On the fourth Thursday in November, the citizens of the United States celebrate the federal holiday, Thanksgiving.  This holiday is rooted in a tradition that started almost 400 years ago.  The original reason behind Thanksgiving is to give thanks for a good harvest, the end of droughts, and occasions similar to those.  In the U.S., a traditional Thanksgiving dinner includes a juicy turkey, buttery mashed potatoes and homemade, perfectly seasoned stuffing. 

What's interesting about Thanksgiving is the ubiquity of its celebration - despite how big or small the meal is, whether they're citizens or not, emigrated 5 or 100 years ago,  live in the US or abroad,  Americans all over the world celebrate the Holiday.

Internationally, giving thanks is equally important.






In Canada, a similar holiday is celebrated. Canadian thanksgiving, or Jour de l'Action de Grâce, is more of a secular holiday, but celebrates nonetheless, a person’s affiliations.Canada shares the typical foods that the U.S. consumes on their Thanksgiving, but the turkey is sometimes substituted with a flavorful ham or another roast.      
















Across the Atlantic, in Germany, the population celebrates Erntedankfest (the harvest festival of thanks), usually on the first Sunday in October with large feasts and parades.  There is nothing better than a traditional, lemon and fresh herbed seasoned Wiener Schnitzel. 







A bit more east, in Japan, gratitude is expressed to celebrate labor and production. On their The Japanese also celebrate the giving one another thanks. Japan is unique in that there is no “typical” food served, so any mouth-watering creation is welcome during this national holiday.









Korea celebrates Chuseokoriginally known as hangawi (the great middle of autumn), which is a major 3-day holiday around the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar year. During this celebration, families gather from all over the country and all over the world to share food and stories in gratitude. These experiences are the ones that create memories - the ones told to ones children and grandchildren, treasured moments together.  Traditional foods include Songpyeon, a traditional rice cake made with nuts, beans, seeds, and honey. Hangwa, an artistic food made with highly nutritious ingredients is also widely consumed.





                                                                                                                                                                           Korean Hangawi





Food is not simply a means of conservation; it is the central item that connects the people celebrating together. Regardless of where you are around the world, we all give thanks. What is the most popular way of celebrating Thanksgiving? There is no singular way, but food and feast are definitely a part of it.


This Thanksgiving, give thanks for the food that is before you and those who are before you.


Happy season of gratitude. 

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