Kitchen Connection - United Nations Climate Action Food Showcase

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United Nations Climate Action Food Showcase

United Nations Climate Action Food Showcase


This past Saturday marked the first United Nations Youth Climate Summit. This one day conference brought together influential youth from all around the world to discuss climate issues and solutions to prevent climate change, while we can. Many panel discussions and speeches took place with activists such as Joshua Rush, Greta Thunberg, and Jamie Margolin.

An unwaveringly critical part of the sustainability conversation surrounds food. Our current food systems waste a vast amount of resources, and yet millions remain hungry. Given this dichotomy and uniquely human challenge that affects all, Kitchen Connection firmly believes that action around food begins with conversations that are had around food with food as the most visceral aspect of our lives. 



This past weekend at the Youth Climate Summit, Kitchen Connection, partnered with the UN International Fund for Agricultural Development, the UN Department of Global Communications, and New York University to host a Climate Action Food Showcase at the United Nations. Before our event, we went to the UN Food Gardens where we harvested fresh (and extremely local!) basil for our showcase. It featured chefs Grace Ramirez from the Food Network, Chef Hanan Rasheed, as well as Chef Nkem Odewunmi who joined virtually through the Kitchen Connection platform all the way from Nigeria to guide individuals through a tomato recipe. 


Together they discussed, prepared, and shared climate-conscious creations in support of the United Nations Act Now campaign. We encourage you to join us on this journey. Together we can change our food system, and together we can #ActNow for #ClimateAction. 


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