Kitchen Connection - October: On our Launch And More

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October: On our Launch And More

October: On our Launch And More

Between World Food Day and International Chefs DayOctober is a great month for food and everything surrounding it. It’s also a perfect month for us to launch. It’s been a year since our first beta launch last October, and a lot has happened since then! 

Let’s take a look:  

Since the first version of the platform was released, we got busy gathering feedback from our users. With the help of the Seton Hall University Market Research Center, we received input from over 500 individuals who helped us figure out what we needed to change. 

Then we got to work to implement those changes! 

During our redevelopment, we had a lot of fun! It included a super awesome photo shoot, sponsored by Tbish Photo (see our first pic!).  

We’re happy to continue supporting Action Against Hunger this month, via their Restaurants Against Hunger initiative, in line with our mission: ‘I’m eating — you’re eating — and because we’re eating together, someone else is eating too'. 

And then we went all the way to Milan, Italy, where the world came to us at the World Expo on Food. There, over 100 countries congregated to talk, share, present, and showcase all-things-food. This, of course, meant that we got to try many of the yummy treats each ‘country’ was offering.

Best of all, we were able to meet with many of our now-Cheffies on Kitchen Connection, who are all really excited to share a ‘piece’ of the world, their world with you! 

During this time, we welcome your feedback and appreciate you spreading the world about our new network.
Welcome to the new Kitchen Connection. A global community of foodies awaits! 

Special thanks to our supporters: Action Against Hunger— World Chefs — Whole Foods Market Bowery — and Jess @ Breakthru Radio

And of course, to our Benneh, SAS, SHU, SDA, NYU, AND CS families <3 

  • Adam Warner 
  • Alanna Kamin
  • Alexa Valle
  • Alexa Stroh
  • Alexandra Tarzhikan
  • Alyssa Bredin
  • Alyson Valpone 
  • Andrea Lim
  • Anthony Reynoso
  • Aurora Inna Lucas
  • Aurore Leon
  • Brendan Wright
  • Brennan Pilcher 
  • Brian Matias
  • Burkhard Herbote
  • Candace Harvey 
  • Cecilia Flores
  • Claude Godard
  • Vicaress Javiniar
  • Christen Madrazo
  • Courtney Dobbertin
  • Daichi Ishikawa
  • Danielle Gonzalez
  • Danielle Sandars
  • Darren
  • Erica Reynoso
  • Erin Valentine
  • Fabrice Jaumont
  • Franca Castagnola
  • Francesco Chen
  • Frank Benavides
  • Giana 
  • Gloria Cruz
  • Gabriel Torres
  • Gregory Castillo 
  • Hannah Liljekvist
  • Ibrahim Sanz
  • Jordan D. James
  • Joyce Lee
  • Juana Matias
  • Kayla Mccartty
  • Kelly 
  • Laura Bodnar
  • Lisa Slavid
  • Lorena Hidalgo
  • Matthew Askin 
  • Marisel San Inocencio
  • Mckenzie Stroesser
  • Megan Kelly 
  • Morgan N Kleinfelder
  • Naomy Garcia
  • Nathalie Charles 
  • Nicholas Ponce
  • Olivia Maiorano 
  • Pierre Denmat 
  • Poojah Chaudhary 
  • Rene Neco
  • Samara Bustamante 
  • Sara Haefeli 
  • Scott Head
  • Selene Presseler
  • Stephanie Gonzalez 
  • Stephanie Reynoso
  • Stephanie Yasunaga
  • Susan Scherreik 
  • Sunny Kancherla
  • Sunny Bathla
  • Terrian Saulino
  • Tom Basilo
  • Veronica Matias
  • Zachary A Delilo 
  • Zaneeta E. Daver
  • Zoja Stojanovic 
  • Zrnzevic Dragana

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