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Kitchen Connection Goes to: Nigeria!

Kitchen Connection Goes to: Nigeria!

The African “superpower” Nigeria has one of the largest populations out of all the nations that make up this giant continent with over 250 ethnic groups and 500 indigenous languages spoken here. A popular expression states “When Nigeria sneezes, the rest of the African nations (with the exception of South Africa) catch cold”. From street stalls to celebrations, you can find numerous delectable foods to try. The best part? Most dishes are made with vegetables, protein, herbs and spices so they pack a powerful health punch as well. 



Official Name: Federal Republic of Nigeria

Capital: Abuja

Official Language(s): English, Hausa, Yoruba, Ibo

National Dish(es): Gbegiri 



There are plenty of bite sized snacks ready to be popped into your mouth found throughout the country like Chin Chin or Nigerian Puff Puffs. Be cautious though! As these delightful small treats make it easy to lose track of how many you’ve actually had. There are also several dishes that sound quite different than what they actually taste like such as the Nigerian Egg Roll (in no relation to the Chinese version) or Bitter Leaf Soup that is in fact, not at all bitter in taste!



"Insider Foodage"

*Largest City (ies):  Lagos

*Culinary travel destination(s):   

*%Urban to Rural:  50.3%

*Primary Agricultural Exports:  vinegar, cashew nuts,, cocoa,

*Population:  197,740,832

*Food expenditure for one week:  $290.78

*Caloric intake available daily per person:  2,710 kcal

*Alcohol consumption per capita: 13.40 liters 

*Obese population: 8.9%

*Big Mac Price:  $4.94

*Meat consumption per person per year: 8.8

*Prevalence of Hunger:  25.5 Global Index Score






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