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Kitchen Connection Goes to: Ghana!

Kitchen Connection Goes to: Ghana!

Ghanaian cuisine is guaranteed to have you asking for seconds with a rustic, yet flavorful food profile in all their dishes. Like most African cooking, Ghanaian food is made with a depth of flavors. From the freshly fried plantains seasoned with aromatic spices to yams boiled and cooked to perfection, this culinary experience has quickly become a top bucket list item. While eating, it is common practice to sit down to enjoy the meal with family and friends. In Ghana, family bonds are strong and is the primary source of identity, loyalty and responsibility with obligations taking precedence over almost everything else.  




Official Name: Ghana

Capital: Accra

Official Language(s): English

National Dish(es): Fufu, Jollof Rice, Kenkey and Fried Fish


Ghanaian society is hierarchical with the highest levels of respect being granted for age, experience, wealth and/or position. With respect though, comes responsibility and people expect the most senior person to make decisions that are in the best interest of the group. An interesting cultural variation among the Akan, or Ashanti (the largest tribe within the Akan) and Fanti people, is that affiliation within the clan is through women. Mothers have a higher status as in their point of view people get their blood from mothers.




"Insider Foodage"

*Largest City (ies):  Accra

*Culinary travel destination(s):   

*Primary Language(s):   English

*%Urban to Rural:  56.1%

*Primary Agricultural Exports:  yams, grains, cocoa, oil palms, kola nuts, and timber,

*Population:  27,911,208

*Food expenditure for one week:  $381.22

*Caloric intake available daily per person:  2,850 kcal

*Alcohol consumption per capita:  2.70 liters

*Obese population: 10.9%

*Big Mac Price:  $7

*Meat consumption per person per year: 13.9 kg (2009) 

*Prevalence of Hunger:  16.2 Global Index Score





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