Kitchen Connection - Featured Cheffie: Mari From Japan

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Featured Cheffie: Mari From Japan

Featured Cheffie: Mari From Japan



 Japanese home-cooking instructor and food lover


Who is your favorite person(s) to cook for? / Eat with?  Family

What are your favorite dishes or cooking topics to teach?  Japanese traditional cooking

Do you have any cooking/food superstitions?   Wear your favorite apron! 

If you could get a tattoo of a food, what would it be and why?   Onigiri (Japanese rice ball) because it is the most comfort food for me and you always get it from your mom or family

What is one dish, drink or food topic that you really want to learn or master? All kinds of fish dishes

Favorite food(s) /drinks from your home country (ies)?  Onigiri

Favorite food(s) / drink(s) from other countries:   French pastry



If you're not living in the same place where you grew up, how have your food traditions changed/ evolved with you?  I grew up in Japan and now live in the US. I can't get much fresh seafood, fish or Japanese vegetables here, so I started to use US local ingredients to accommodate recipes.

Who was the first one to expose you to cooking/good eating? Who has the most influence on how/what you cook? *  Mother, always.

What is your never fail piece of cooking advice? Did someone pass it on to you? Did you learn that lesson the hard way? *  Prepare well, relax, enjoy and take time to cook through my experience.

What would your last meal on Earth be?  Miso soup

Favorite kitchen equipment/gadget?  Knife


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