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ActNow is an initiative by the United Nations that aims to raise awareness globally about climate change and accelerate action towards reaching climate goals. ActNow focuses on educating the general public and encouraging individual actions that can together have a large impact.


Food is one of the largest components of sustainability. ActNow and its partners, including us at Kitchen Connection, are focused on building a sustainable food future by coming up with dishes that are tasty, but also environmentally friendly. Using less animal products and sourcing more of our ingredients from plants will decrease our carbon footprint on the Earth. Creatively tweaking traditional  dishes or designing new ones that satisfy our palate while decreasing our impact will help drive our society towards a more sustainable (food) future.


Chefs from all around have partnered together to come up with these recipes and share them with a large platform through ActNow. This network inspires people worldwide to adapt their


food choices to options with a smaller footprint, increasing awareness on which ingredients are sustainable, biodiverse, and generally good for us and for the plaent.


To accelerate action, the United Nations has also partnered with Facebook on the creation of the ActNow Bot, which you can find on our website. The ActNow bot recommends 10 simple daily actions to reduce our carbon footprints – like traveling more sustainably, saving energy, or eating less meat.


 Use the hasthags #ActNow and #ClimateAction, now! It begins with us; it begins with you.

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